Year 6 Maple Heavenly Poetry

Year 6 Maple’s Heavenly Poetry

In Year 6 Maple, we have been exploring our own ideas of what Heaven might look like. We have found out what Christians believe about heaven, painted our vision of Heaven, and written our own poetry…

Here are two beautiful poems from our very talented children…

Heaven by David, Hermione, Freya and Alice

Will I see God?
Will butterflies still fly?
Will I hear birds chirping?
Will I be up high?

Are there Angels in Heaven?
Will I have wings?
Will it be full of people
and other beautiful things?

Will there be music?
What will I eat?
How does Heaven work?
Will I still feel my feet?

Do I go through a gate
or arrive on a cloud?
Will it be calm
Or will it be loud?


What will happen in Heaven?
Will I ascend a milky staircase?
Will the bells of paradise chime?
How did I arrive in this holy place?

Can I wander across rainbows
All douched with gold
Could I search for God
Or should I discover more secrets never been told?

Will choirs of angels sing in tune, Up here it seems I’m higher than the moon

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