Remote Learning Tasks.

If your at at home next week, here are some tasks for you to complete.

In class we are beginning to learn about Autumn. Here are some activities that you can do based on Autumn.

1. Go into your garden and go on an Autumn walk. Collect the leaves that you find, discuss the colours and textures of the leaves.

2. Use the leaves that you find to create some Autumn pictures, you could print the leaves with paint, glue and stick them onto paper or even draw the leaves.

3. Discuss what Autumn is and research online about Autumn….what happens in Autumn? Model writing to your child by writing what you have found out onto paper. Explain to your child what you are writing down.

4.In class we are going on a hedgehog hunt…you could hide some autumnal animals in your garden and go on a hunt to find them.

5. Write your child’s names in the cursive font and practise recognising it.

6. Practise counting to 10.

7. Practise counting claps, stomps, objects.

8. Practise recognising 2D shapes.

9. Go on a listening walk in your garden…what can you hear?

I will also be uploading tasks to see saw 🙂

See you all soon and take care,

Miss Smith

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