What have Year 6 Maple been up to this week?

What have Year 6 Maple been up to this week?

This week Year 6 have been continuing to read and explore Jane Hardstaff’s story of The Executioner’s Daughter. We have been fascinated by the beheadings that took place during Tudor times, and are also getting to the supernatural part of the book, where the character of the Riverwitch is introduced.

In Topic, we have been using ICT to research the Battle of Bosworth, and have created our own Tudor Roses, linking the House of Lancaster and the House of York together.

In Spanish, we have been learning to have a conversation, listening carefully to the question asked and respond appropriately. This week’s question is ¿Dónde vives?

We have also been planning an investigation in Science, trying to discover if an animal with a vertebrate is stronger than an invertebrate. We will be using ‘play dough animals’, ‘pipe-cleaner spines’ and blocks in our experiment. Watch this space for the exciting photos and to find out what we discovered!

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