Thank you Reverend Stephen and Heather

On Friday the 30th of September we had a special visitor, our good friend Reverend Stephen and Heather, who sadly left us before the summer holidays, and who came all the way from Cumbria to present the school with a specially designed banner. Rev. Stephen described how he and Heather got the ideas for the banner; the golden cross is for Pentecost, the St. Andrew’s cross is for the name of our ¬†school, the sheep were to remind us of the fun stories Reverend Stephen told us -the Lost Sheep parable- and that we may remember him by sheep too (as he looks onto lots of sheep, on the Cumbrian fells, from his living room window).The rainbow is on our school logo, the trees represent the tree of knowledge on our badge, the boat is to remember Andrew being a fisherman, the fish are to remember Ichthus and Jesus’ disciples being fishers of men and finally, in the word Methodist,the O is ¬†the Methodist Orb.

Reverend Stephen blessed the banner and presented it to Mrs Barker for our school.



As you can see Rev. Stephen and Heather have given their gift so much thought.

We thank you very much, from the children at St Andrew’s.

By Matthew Houghton and Jack Bennett Year 6


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