30th March 2020

Hi everyone, I hope your first week at home went well. At the weekend my Mothers Day plant began to sprout…has yours?

Last week you were discussing the life cycle of a plant, if yours has began to sprout show your children and discuss what you observe.

For maths, make a dice out of a box or use a dice if you have one. Roll the dice and then your child has to count the dots and then match it to a number. If this is too easy for your child use two dices and add the numbers together instead. This will be very challenging when the sum is 6+6 for example. To help your child use objects to show them visually and then count them altogether.

For phonics we play the game ‘Silly Soup’. Basically, put lots of objects into a big mixing bowl. Sing the song below with your child as they are mixing them up. Once the song has stopped, ask your child to pull out an object, say its name and say its initial sound. The song for silly soup is:

‘I’m going to make a silly soup,

I’m making soup that’s silly,

I’m going to cook it in the fridge.

To make it nice and silly.’

Today, please go outside and encourage your child to practice writing their name using water and paint brushes or chalk.

Hope you have a lovely day.

Miss Smith

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