27th March 2020

Did you all remember to clap for the amazing people who help us in the NHS and not to mention the other keyworkers…I certainly did with my family. What a lovely thing to hear!

Don’t forget to join in with the PE at 9am.

Today’s learning is still based upon life cycles and today is the life cycle of a plant. Before school closed all of the children planted a seed and learnt about the life cycle of a plant. Today you can recap this, question children on the life cycle of a plant and see if they can remember any of their learning in school. If you have the chance go outdoors and look at the different flowers discuss their simple features and what they need to survive and grow for example, water and the sun. For a follow on activity you could go outside and your child could choose a favourite flower or tree to draw.

Today you can also learn about one more than a given number. Give children their number line and explain that they can use this to help them. Show them how to jump up one more number on a number line. Next show them a number and they have to find the number and jump up one to tell you what one more is. When asking them to find it say, “tell me what one more than (number) is”. If your child finds this too easy then take the number line away and teacher them how to count on one more instead. Using your fingers to count is a good strategy to use too.

Please can your child practise writing their name.

Now, for phonics get lots of items around your home that begin with ‘s,a,t’. Discuss the initial sounds of the objects and get your child to say each items name. Now, children have to sort the items into piles of the same initial sound. Here is a picture to help you understand today’s activity.

please don’t forget to water your plant that your children have made you 🙂

Take care,

Miss Smith

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