26th March 2020

Hello everyone…I hope you are enjoying the weather in your gardens. Here is today’s activities…

  1. Continue learning about life cycles. If you have the book at home read ‘The Hungry Catterpillar’. If you have not got this, that’s fine you could read it from YouTube. Discuss the stages of the caterpillars life cycle and here is a nice creative activity that you could also do to extend your childs learning…

2. For maths today, if you have some bricks write numbers on them and teach your child to recognise each number by asking them to find it. This activity is also good for learning how to order numbers too. Use the number line that I provided in the pack to help if needed.

3. For phonics today log onto ‘Phonics Play’ using this log in:

Username: march20 Password: home

This site is free for a month using these log in details. Once on the site, play ‘Super Smoothie’. This is a fun game that will encourage your child to hear initial sounds in words.

4. Of course, you need to join in with Jo Wicks live on YouTube again at 9am.

5. Last but not least, please try to practise your childs name in the cursive font.

I hope you enjoy these activities today.

Miss Smith

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