1st April 2020

Hi everyone. I have given you some fun ideas to do with your children today.

Collage, draw or paint silly faces to put up in your windows next to your rainbows. This will cheer people up on their walks past your house 🙂

Go for a walk outdoors and find some leaves to bring home for your maths activity. Whilst you are on your travels discuss what your can see and encourage your child to listen to noises in the environment. Please encourage your child to guess what the noise is too.

For numeracy, write numbers with a marker on the leaves and then children have to put the correct amount of pegs on the leaves to match the number.

Today, use cotton buds and paint to practise name writing. Please dont forget to write in the cursive font. You could also practise writing different letters too.

I hope these activites are fun and helpful 🙂

Miss Smith

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