2nd April 2020

Hi guys, I hope you didn’t play too many tricks on your children yesterday!

I think that this is a great activity…mail a hug. Basically draw around the outline of the top half of your childs body and then they decorate it. Or, you could paint their hands and print their hand prints, attach string or ribbon and and a photo. Next, pop it in an envelope and send it to somebody special.

Draw circles with dots inside. Children have to match numbers to the dots. This is a good activity fof counting and matching numeral to quantity. It can also be extended by encouraging your child to write the numbers.

For phonics, please log into phonics play online (username:march20 password:home). Next, play the game buried treasure using set one sounds. Please encourage your child to blend the sounds and decide if the word is real or fake! Children have played this before in school and love the game!

Enjoy your day!

Miss Smith

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