17th April 2020

How gorgeous has the weather been today! I hope you have all been enjoying the sunshine in your swimming pools! As the weather is nice I have uploaded some activities for outdoors…

Firstly, i thought that you could do some basic grouping objects with your child. You can collect lots of sticks and group them into different amounts, you could group them into 2’s, or 10’s or 5’s. This is a very tricky activity so children will probably need you to help them.

If you have any water balloons write letters on, children have to find the correct one and pop it!

I’m sure children will have lots of Easter eggs left over, so you could make some rice crispy cakes with the eggs or even better an easter egg cheesecake! If you go online and type in Easter egg cheesecake recipe, lots come up I got mine off pinterest.

Did you all remember to clap last night, here is a picture of my little girl Aliza clapping and banging her pan 🙂

I hope you have a fantastic weekend and I hope that the weather stays nice! Keep smiling!

Miss Smith

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