20th April 2020

Hi, I hope you all had a lovely weekend! Today I have based the activities on mini beasts!

Firstly, I thought you could go on a nice walk and go bug hunting. Try to go somewhere where you would typically find bugs, lift up rocks, go into the trees, really investigate the area! Whilst you are on your travels you could put the bugs into different categories for example, bugs with wings or no wings. Also incorporate maths, could how many bugs you can see, count their legs and talk about their sizes and shapes.

For phonics, please put lots of sounds or cvc words written on rocks or things that can be put into water and children have to fish them out and read what they say. You could also encourage your child to write the sounds or words dependent on their ability.

Below is a nice creative maths activity that you could make at home too.

If you are finding things difficult, just know that your children will remember this time for all the fun things you did together, be happy, dont worry, have fun quality time with your children and once the children are back in school everything will fall into place again. Please dont worry if you are finding teaching at home difficult.

Take care,

Miss Smith

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