16th April 2020

Hello everyone! Here are some activities for today…

Playdough smash….roll lots of balls with playdough and then show your child a number and they have to squash the correct amount of balls. You can make it more difficult by asking them to smash one more than a given number or even harder one less. Show children the number line I provided to help them if necessary.

For phonics today if you have sand hide different letters in the sand and children have to find them. To make if more difficult hide cvc words such as, pan, sat, tin. Next, children have to find them and read the words.

I thought this would be a good and easy activity to make at home. Basically let your children decorate toilet roll tube and glue them together to make binoculars. I’m sure they will make good use of these in the their role play or using them to find bugs in the garden!

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