Welcome back Year 1!

The summer term has arrived in Year 1…

Welcome back Year 1! I hope you have all had a wonderful and ‘tasty’ Easter break?!

Well the summer term is upon us and with that said- there are lots of new diary dates and learning focuses taking place in class in the run-up to the Whit holidays. I have attached a copy of the class newsletter for your information to this blog- please keep a check on important dates, including: the Y1 assembly on Friday 28th April and the Key Stage 1 Reading Family Workshop on Friday 5th May… I would LOVE to see as many families participating as possible!!!

If there is anything further you wish to discuss, then you know where I am- please do not hesitate to contact the office or see myself/Miss Wynn at the door.

Miss Hughes Sum 1 newsletter 2017

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