Nursery Routines

The children in Nursery have been practising how to do many things mainly to do with our everyday routines. Last week we discussed the purpose of a fire alarm and have discussed what to do if the fire alarm goes off whilst they are at school. The children have been told that the fire alarm is there to help to keep us all safe and that it can be very loud so that everybody in school can hear it.


Each day the children are able to access a drink of milk or water and a piece of fruit. After the children have finished drinking their milk and eating their snack they then have to put things in special places. Please talk through the following routine with your child.

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The picture labels go in the basket.


The straw and the lid from the milk go in the bin.


Any remaining milk and the the bottles go in the blue tub.


Any remaining fruit goes in the brown bin.


At the moment we are practising doing this by having snack together in small groups. Next week the children will be able to access fruit and milk independently during provision time.

This week the children will be attending full time for the first time and staying for a school dinner. We have been into the school hall and met the school cook and dinner ladies. Our Nursery dinner lady is called Mrs Fernando. The children can choose from a choice of two hot meals or have a jacket potato/ sandwich with a selection of fillings. We will put the pictures of the two main choices in the Nursery window each day for parents to see. Nursery staff go into the hall with the children and stay with them during dinner time so we will monitor how the children are doing. We will always let you know if we feel that your child hasn’t eaten enough that particular day.


The children have also practised answering to their name during the register by saying ‘Good Morning/ Good Afternoon Mrs Hall/ Mrs Fortune.’ They all did very well yesterday and have been rewarded with stickers. The children have also been introduced to our daily Days of the Week and Weather songs. We are sure that you will be hearing about these songs at home over the next few weeks.

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Please could we remind parents to encourage the children to come into Nursery independently by saying Goodbye at the Nursery door.

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Thank you for your continued support. We are enjoying getting to know your children and think that they are all little Superstars.

Mrs Hall and Mrs Fortune 🙂 



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