Harvest Festival

Harvest Festival


All of the kind donations for Harvest (thank you) sparked in interest in the festival. We looked at what it is, who we are giving food to, why, what we are thankful for and where our food comes from.

Then we made chunky vegetable soup! The children very carefully chopped up celery, carrots and potatoes and Mrs Gibbons cut up the onion for us. Miss Storey then took this home to cook and blend ready to eat the next day.

It tasted delicious, and all children had a try even if they decided they didn’t like it (which was only about 4 of the children). We enjoyed this soup with a piece of warm crusty bread and butter and decided this is the best food to warm you up when you’re cold!

Cooking with your child is a fantastic way to develop early literacy skills. We talked about the smells, texture, learnt names of new equipment and vegetables and strengthened our finger muscles by using tools to chop.

Please fill in a Wow star, or put it in your sharing book if you share and cooking experiences together at home!

Thanks 🙂



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