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The children in Reception have been learning all about their bodies and their bones.

  • We have made our own skeleton pictures by drawing our skeleton then going over it in art straws. This was a good challenge measuring the straws and practising our cutting skills.
  • We have drawn around each other and labelled the parts of the body, we found this bit funny!
  • Cut out and reassembled skeleton pictures and labelled those, practising using our sounds and holding our pencil correctly
  • Sang head, shoulders, knees and toes but changed the words to different parts of the body
  • Learnt the skeleton dance
  • Looked at real Xray pictures and found out about what an xray machine does


We have also been practising our first aid skills whilst role paying as doctors and nurses!

Here’s the song we have been learning, see if your child can remember the dance!

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