Dropping off/collecting children

Thank you for your continued patience with the staggered start and finish times and for bearing with us as we try to do it as safely and efficiently as possible. Thanks to your co-operation, today was a lot smoother and calmer. Nevertheless a couple of issues still came to light. The original letter stated; If you are bringing more than one child to school, drop the eldest child first then the other children.  (Nursery children must be dropped off at 9:30 and collected at 2.40pm, even if they have siblings)  For example, if you have a child in Y1 and Y5, you would bring both children at 8:50am, drop the Y5 child at the car park gate first, then the year 1 at the main gate (near the playground), a member of staff will be there to collect your child.  This is still the case.However the original letter did not give clarity around picking up siblings. This afternoon there was some confusion over whether older siblings had to be picked up before younger siblings or whether younger siblings could go first if their class was dismissed earlier. I give an example of a family with children in Y1 and Y6. As it stands the Y6 child is collected at 3.20 while the collection time for the Y1 child is 3pm. This is fine as staff will supervise the Y1 child until the parent/carer collects the Y6 child (and the sibling). Please rest assured that all children will be safe and supervised until they are collected so please try not to feel anxious if your child is waiting with staff for you. Mrs Barker

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