Dropping Children Off.

Dear Parents/carers,

We are aware that it was quite chaotic during the drop off at the start of school today. I have just met with staff to see how this can be improved tomorrow. Below are a couple of adjustments that will help;

  1. Please arrive on time. However, please do not arrive earlier than your allotted time slot.
  2. The teachers will take their class to line up inside school grounds to free up space on Prescott St. Parents/carers must NOT come through the gates.
  3. Please leave the area as soon as your child has been handed over to a teacher so the next class can arrive.
  4. Please phone any messages into the school office instead of the usual routine of telling the teaching assistants.
  5. When speaking to any member of staff please observe social distancing.
  6. Please walk to school if possible or park on Hilton Lane. You should only park on Prescott St if is safe to do so (not on the yellow lines).
  7. Whilst waiting on the pavement, please stand back against the fence to allow other to pass safely and NOT have to walk into the road.

Thank you for working with us to ensure safe arrival and collection of our children.

Mrs A Barker

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