3rd April 2020

Today for your childs activites, use a cupcake baking tray or cupcake cases and write numbers inside. Now, your child could use some tongues from your kitchen drawer and pick up objects and put them inside each compartment.

Get your coats on and go on a colour hunt outdoors, collect the things you find and bring them home and make a picture with them. You could also go on a hunt inside if the weather is rainy.

Today, have a look around your home and find things that begin worh ‘s’, ‘t’ and ‘a’. Put some salt in a tray and practice writing the letters in it…dont forget to write in the cursive font please.

Also, could you please practise name writing with your child.

I hope you remembered to clap and bang your pots and pans last night for all of the keyworkers.

Take care and have a lovely weekend,

Miss Smith

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