24th March 2020

Good morning everyone! I hope yesterday’s activities were useful. Today I have set a few daily tasks…

1. Join in with Joe Wick’s daily PE session which is streamed live at 9am on his YouTube channel ‘The Body Coach’. This will get your child energised and ready to learn…and will most probably make you all giggle whilst your copying the moves!

2. One of the tasks I will set everyday is practicing name writing, as it is very important that your child can write their name by the end of nursery. If your child can write their first name then practice their surname please.

3. Today’s maths session can be done outdoors. Take out a tub of water, a cup and a table spoon. Show your child a number and this is how many spoonfuls of water that they need to put in the cup. This is a very easy task to do and I’m sure they will be very engaged in it…all children love water play. Please remember to remind your child to count each spoonful and only get the amount your showing them. This is also a good activity to help your child’s hand eye coordination as they need to be very careful not to spill the water off the spoon. If your child finds it difficult to use a spoon, use the cup and pour the water from the cup into a different tub. If your child finds this task easy make it a little more difficult by asking them to add one more spoonful and working out how many they have now. So for example “3 spoons add 1 is…” work the answer out using your fingers.

4. Choose a story to read with your child (preferably one that they haven’t read before). Encourage your child to help tell the story through the illustrations on each page. Discuss these with the child and make predictions about how the story will end.

Have a lovely day,

Miss Smith

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