23rd March 2020

As you aware school has officially closed today for the majority of pupils. Firstly, I just want to say a huge thank you to all of the children for being such a wonderful class and we will all miss you so much. Furthermore, I would like to say thank you to all of the parents and carers of the children that I teach, you have been so supportive not only at this time but since your children started nursery. I hope you all take care of yourselves and your children and I am looking forward to seeing you and your children in the near future.

Below I will set little tasks for you to complete with your children. However, I must reiterate that nursery age children are not to be sat down for lengthy periods of time. The EYFS curriculum is based upon learning through play and this is what your children should mostly be doing. Please treat this time at home as quality time and do lots of fun things such as going outdoors in your garden, painting, colouring and providing messy play for your child such as water and sand play if possible. Each day I will set some tasks that you can complete.

Below are today’s tasks:

  1. Number recognition: write down numbers on pieces of paper and hide them around your home or in your garden. Tell your child not to look as you are doing this. Now, set a timer and children have to go on a number hunt and find the numbers within a set time. Once all of the numbers are found, sit your child down and practice number recognition. Your child can also count the same amount of objects next to the numbers so it is very visual for your child to see what each number represents. Take photos of your child doing this if you would like to.
  2. For today please practice writing your childs name, use a variety of coloured pencils if you have them and call it ‘rainbow writing’. This will help engage your child to write their name. If your child is able to write their first name, please ensure it is in the cursive font and they could also practice their surname.
  3. Go outdoors and investigate the world that we live in. Ask your child lots of questions about what they can see and hear. Early years learning is very communication based so encourage lots of speech and turn taking of conversations. Encourage your child to listen to the noises what they can hear. Can they tell you what it is?
  4. Paint or colour a rainbow and put it up in your window at home.

I hope that these ideas are useful, but if you need lots of ideas Pinterest is so good for activities and this is where we get most of our ideas from in class, so please take a look at this site. Www.pinterest.co.uk.

Thank you,

Miss Smith

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