12th May 2020

Hello everyone, I have uploaded a story by Mrs Barker and some activities for today…

For todays creative activity I thought you could investigate mixing paint to see what colours you can make. Firstly, if you wanted to, you could type in YouTube ‘colour mixing song’s and learn the song to help children remember what colours to mix together.

For todays phonics, I thought that you or your child could draw pictures of simple things such as cat, mat, bat and either make the word with word cards, match it to an initial sound or even write the word.

A simple but effective maths activity. Separate a paper plate into sections like the above picture. Use small objects to place into the quarter sections, add them up and then collect the total amount or even just find the correct numeral and put it in the half section to represent the total.

I hope you have a lovely day,

Miss Smith

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