11th May 2020

Hello everyone! I hope you had a lovely weekend celebrating VE day…socially distanced of course.

I have uploaded some activities for today…

Use different coloured pegs on a clothes hanger to learn addition. Choose an amount of pegs and then add another amount and count the total. You can make it as easy or as tricky as you like. To make it harder you could use dice to roll, count and match the spots. If your child struggles make it easier by using smaller amounts of pegs and just add 1 peg to the amount.

For phonics, play stomp the sound. Place lots of letters on the floor and shout out a sound and your child has to stomp on it to win a point. You could even get brothers and sisters to join in to make it more fun and competitive. To further this activity, use the cards at the end to make words with.

For the creative activity today, give your child a mirror and let them do a self portrait. Encourage your child to draw or paint their features carefully and colour them in the correct colours. Also, once finished please encourage your child to write their name on the picture. If your child wants to continue drawing get them to draw you or other family members and write the words mum, dad, sis etc.

I hope that these activities are useful and I hope you are all keeping well.

Miss Smith.

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