Year 6- Real Love Rocks!!

Year 6 are participating in a 4 week course, Real Love Rocks, by Barnado’s, led by our own Family support Worker, Grace. The programme is designed to promote healthy, safe relationships amongst children and young people and is made up of worksheets, animated videos, games and discussion. 

‘Barnardo’s recognises that it’s not always easy to chat to children about relationships or people who might want to harm them. We cannot, however, always be physically there for our children and young people and, therefore, we have a responsibility to equip them with the knowledge to help keep themselves safe. We have to educate them about healthy relationships. Children need the knowledge and confidence to speak out in case someone makes them feel uncomfortable and to be able to resist peer pressure. Real Love Rocks has been designed to sensitively and age appropriately give these essential safety messages to children.’

Year 6 have been engaging really well in these sessions, here is a photo showing one of the activities.


Following an animated story the children were discussing at what point they would tell a trusted adult.

Please ask your children more about what they have been discussing and thank you once again to parents who came along to the meeting, prior to this programme starting.

Have a good week,

Mrs Hodgkinson

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