Year 6 enjoying Sky Hawk

The children are loving the book Sky Hawk by Gill Lewis.

Sky Hawk is set in a small farming village high in the mountains of Scotland. It begins with a meeting between three boys who seem, at first, to be quite irritating and childish, especially Rob who is a bit of a show-off, and Iona, a girl who has returned to the village to live with her grandfather who is almost an outcast in the village.

Year 6 can’t wait find out what Iona’s secret is ; I suppose we’ll just have to wait until we’ve read a few more chapters? The children have been making interesting and valid predictions, based on evidence from the text.

Gill Lewis is the author of¬† many animal fiction books. I’m sure the children would love to go on and select one to read.

Here is a link to her website

Have a lovely weekend

Mrs hodgkinson

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