Year 5 – This week in maths!

Year 5 have been working in  kilograms and grams, also millilitres and litres, this week. On Monday, we held, weighed and compared grams and kilograms.We estimated which objects would weigh more or less than a given weight, as well as matched the accurate weight to an object.The next day, we converted between different units of metric measure in grams and kilograms.We learned that to convert grams into kilograms, we had to divide the grams by one-thousand. Also, we learned to multiply by one-thousand,when we’re converting kilograms into grams. 

Image result for converting Kg to gram                                                     Image result for converting l to ml

After a couple of  days, we started working in millilitres and litres.We did an experiment on Thursday,where we had to first  prove that different measuring jugs with the same measure where the same.Then secondly, we had to estimate how much water filled a jar.Then on Friday, we converted litres into millilitres.If we wanted to convert millilitres into litres we multiplied by one-thousand, and if we wanted to convert litres into millilitres, we divided by one-thousand.

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