Year 5 ‘This Is Me Song’

This week we have been learning about the song ‘This Is Me’ from ‘The Greatest Showman’ and we created our own version by changing words in each line.

This is Jordan Davidson’s verse:”I am a victim to the dark, “Go home” they say, Cause we don’t want your broken heart” I’ve learnt to be ashamed of all my bruises, “Go and cry” they say, “No one’ll  ever like you the way you are.”

This is Sheridan’s chorus: When the harshest words wanna slice me up

I am gonna send a flood, gonna whoosh them away I am cut, I am hurt

This is who I am born to be, this is me

Watch out ’cause here I march’

I am making it through on the beat I play

I am going to be seen I am not going to say sorry, this is me.

You will find out more about what what we have been doing in year 5  on our next blog published on Friday.

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