Year 5 Science- Forces

Year 5 have been enjoying their science lessons this half term which has been all about forces! We introduced our new topic by looking at the force gravity and how we can defy it using magnets…

We then headed outside and spun a bucket of water over our heads! We noticed how the water didn’t fall out and wet us due to the centrifugal force!

In addition to this, I would like to say a HUGE thank you to the parents who helped the children make a force meter as part of their homework! The children’s models were so creative and worked extremely well when we tested them out…

Also, we have had fun learning about Isaac Newton and understanding the laws of motion through our own research.  The children wrote scripts as if they were interviewing Sir Isaac Newton himself and I must say, their performances of these were brilliant!! Well done everyone!

Today in Science, we have been setting up our experiment for next week which is all about air resistance. We will be posting our photos and results of this experiment next week.

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