Year 1’s World Book Day Celebrations…

Celebrate good times c’mon…

Wow what a marvellous morning we’ve had in Y1 celebrating World Book Day AND our author of the term- Dr Seuss’ birthday!!! We have had a very fun time at Seuss’ Birthday Party- even wearing our very own party hats like the cat’s! What’s a birthday without cake?? We sang Happy Birthday to Dr Seuss with a real birthday cake & candles- it was a very special red & white cake sent by the cat himself, all the way from Seussville! The children have played party games, like musical bumps, musical statues and pass the parcel- winning some red & white sweets sent by cat! We also danced, danced, danced!!!! To finish the morning, the children took part in a class competition with the challenge of designing & creating a new hat for cat… cat will be impressed with the very funky master-pieces that were made!

The children had a fab time on th duck hunt- you will receive a slip tonight with how many ducks your child found. Thank you again for all the sponsors- its lovely to have such support!

Miss Hughes


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