Y2 or mini Paul Klee’s???

We are artists…

In class we have been studying the artist- Paul Klee. We have looked at different paintings by the artist in detail, as well as reading a book inspired by his work- The Cat & The Bird.

We studied one particularly famous painting by Klee, which is called- Castle and The Sun. We talked about Klee’s artistic style and how we could create our own painting in this style. We used our interpretations to sketch and then paint our own ‘Castles in The Sun’.

Prior to our paintings we spent quite some time learning the ‘primary colours’ and how we can mix these to create the ‘secondary colours’, then when we came to painting our sketches, we were faced with the challenge of only having red, blue and yellow paint available, which we had to mix independently for any additional colours we needed to use.

We did a fantastic job of our mini art project lead by our artistic and very talented Mrs Mason. They’re now being displayed proudly up in class- take a look…


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