Y2, are you a duck or dog? Hmmmm….

Duck or dog?

This week in Y2’s literacy lessons, Miss Jackson as been studying the book by Fiona Robertson- WANTED: The Perfect Pet.

The children have explored and described what their perfect pet would be- we even found out Miss Jackson wanted a mischievous meerkat as a pet!

The book is all about a little boy named Henry, who wants a dog… with floppy ears, a waggy tail, a soft wet nose and a warm furry tongue. He puts an advert in the newspaper, which is then read by a lonely duck. The duck decides to create a perfect dog disguise, then sets off in search of Henry… but things soon don’t go quite to plan!

The children then made their own perfect dog disguises out of egg boxes, string and socks, so that they too could pretend to be a perfect pet dog! They had lots of fun painting and creating their disguises! They will then write their own instructions on how they created their perfect disguises on Thursday and Friday…


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