Y2 are fairytale story-makers…

Once upon a time at St. Andrew’s Methodist Primary School…

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In class this week, the Y2 children have been creating their own fairy-tales through imitation of The GingerBread Man, which we have been learning to retell from memory over the past few weeks.

The children have each chosen a brand-new main character to replace the Gingerbread Man. Here are some of the imaginative titles that they’ve come up with…

  • The Mighty Meatball Man
  • The Pizza Slice Man
  • The Pork Chop Man
  • The Oreo Man
  • The Jammy Dodger Man
  • The Marshmellow Man

Once each child had selected their own character to base their storyline on, they began to write their very own version of the fairytale…

All of the children have done an amazing job so far with their story openings, now I cannot wait to read the rest of their masterpieces and I know you will thoroughly enjoy reading them too at our ‘parent-teacher evening’ in March!

Mrs Gomm


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