Y2… A friend for Biscuit Bear

Biscuit Bear’s found some friends in Y2…

This week in Y2, the children have been reading the story of Biscuit Bear by Mini Grey, in light of learning all about how the Great Fire started in a bakery on Pudding Lane.

The children discovered that Biscuit Bear had made some other Biscuit friends, because he was feeling lonely in Horace’s house. Biscuit Bear and his Biscuit pals joined the kitchen circus, but sadly Bongo the dog liked biscuits (but not in a way that is necessarily good for the biscuits) and sadly gobbled them all up!

In class, we decided that we would help Biscuit Bear by making him some brand new friends… that we would keep safe from Bongo! The children each designed and decorated a Biscuit Bear… We are going to be writing a character description about them tomorrow in our Literacy lesson.

The biscuits looked great (and delicious)… I now cannot wait to read all about them!


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