Worrying about something? Think you are ‘different’? Its important to talk….

Sometimes children worry about being ‘different’ for many reasons including:

  • How they look
  • What colour their skin is
  • What they believe
  • How much money they have
  • How well they do at school
  • If they have a condition or disability
  • Who they fancy (whether its because they are worried about how that person feels about them or, for example, if they are lesbian, gay or bisexual)
  • If the way other people see them, as a boy or as a girl, is different to how they feel about themselves – (for example, if they are trans)

Its really important, if you are worrying about anything, that you find a safe space to talk about it. Keeping worries bottled up inside can make them feel bigger than they are and can make you feel worse.

If you are worrying, want some more information, or want to know more about what some of the words mentioned above mean, there are people you can talk to:

– Your teacher or Grace in school, or a trusted adult at home.

Childline 0800 1111(Free number where you can talk to someone about your worries)

The Proud Trust 07813981338/ www.theproudtrust.org (a charity for young people who are lesbian, gay, bisexual or trans)

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