United Utilities Year 5

On Wednesday, Year 5 had a visit from United Utilities, who told us all about where the water in our taps comes from. We discussed the water cycle and the importance of not wasting water. The children found out how much water the average person uses per day and how much of that water is actually wasted! The children had lots of fun using creative and engaging ways to help them understand how water from the rivers/seas ends up in our taps.

In addition to this, the children were told about the importance of staying safe near waters and reservoirs and to make sure they always check a life guard is nearby if they are swimming!

Furthermore, the children discussed the lack of water in other countries and how lucky we are to have fresh, clean, filtered water every day.

Overall, the children had an extremely educational morning and thoroughly enjoyed their water workshop.

A huge thank you to Janet from United Utilities for making our morning so brilliant!

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