Toast Making

Toast Making

Whilst interacting with our Nursery children in our home role play area, we discovered that they were unsure of what a toaster was, and what it was used for…

So on Monday, Nursery used a toaster to make their own toast for their snack, using a knife to spread the butter and cut each slice in half.

IMG_4450         IMG_4439

IMG_4442   IMG_4441


The children thoroughly enjoyed this independence, and have been spotted pretending to use the role play toaster to make toast for their friends.

Also in Nursery News this week…Parents and Carers please don’t forget to check out our Nursery Parent Board outside the Nursery Classroom. This aims to keep you involved and up to date with what your little ones are getting up to each day, whilst at Nursery.



If you have any questions, as always, please don’t hesitate to ask.

Mrs Fortune and Mrs Hall



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