THE WATER CYCLE SONG our new topic

In our topic we have been learning about water. On Thursday 3rd May we listened to a song called the Water Cycle. It is a really fun song, so we think you should listen to it online. Here are the lyrics:

The water cycle takes the water and moves it

UpĀ  and down and all around the earth. x3

Evaporation comes when the heat from the sun

warms up all the ground water and it turns it into water vapor

Condensation takes over

It goes up to the clouds

Water vapor cools down

And changes to a liquid now

Precipitation happens

When the drops get big

It falls like rain, snow, sleet and hail upon my head

I know it’s the water cycle happening again

Evaporation, Condensation, Precipitation.

Take a look at this catchy song and have a sing yoursef

By Jessica W and Darci Dutton



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