The Gruffalo…

Today read the story ‘The Gruffalo’. If you do not have the story then you could watch it on YouTube.

Next, go on a walk to a forest and go on a Gruffalo hunt! You could use your phone or IPad to take photo’s of ‘evidence’ which the Gruffalo has left…you really just have to use your imagination, put on your old clothes and investigate the woodland area.

Whilst you are there incorporate maths. For example, look around and discuss the different lengths of twigs and leaves,pick some stones up and count them. Progessing your childs learning well is really all about the use of good questions and using everyday activities as learning opportunities.

For phonics today, please write lots of CVC words onto cards and turn them upside down. Ask your child to pick a card up, if they segment it and read it correctly they win the card. Afterwards, your child could practise writing the words too.

For the creative activity I thought your child could make a gruffalo small world set up using an old shoe box like the one in the picture above.

Have a lovely day,

Miss Smith

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