St. George’s Day in Y2

St. George’s Day celebrations 23.4.2018

What a fun-filled, creative afternoon we had in Y2 to celebrate St. George’s Day!

First, the children learnt all about the history behind this special calendar date. We watched a fascinating, educational clip all about our Patron Saint George. Y2 learnt some interesting facts, such as- St George was in fact  born in Turkey! Also, we celebrate the event every year on the same date.

Once we had understood the story of George and his heroic tale, involving the very brave dragon slaying, the children then created their own terrifying, bloody-thirsty dragons!!! They used various paints and painting techniques to design a scaly, green body, from a paper plate. They added their finishing touches with PVA glue, including: googly eyes, sharp jaws, a spikey tail and two curled horns!

We ended the afternoon with a fiction story all about a deadly, dangerous and rather fierce dragon, who was frightened of his next-door neighbour… A TINY MOUSE!!! We renacted the book and I have to say we had 30 very impressive, quite fearless, fire-breathing dragons come to life!


Mrs Gomm






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