St Andrews Day In Nursery

St. Andrews Day

To celebrate St Andrews day, we had a special day exploring all things Scottish. After having our faces painted with Scottish flags, we discussed how the St Andrews cross linked to our school badge, acted out the story of the Scottish Thistle and decorated shortbread in lines like a tartan pattern, using tubes of ‘writing icing’. We played ‘Bools’, each rolling our marble towards the main blue one, then we discussed who got their marble the closest to it. Finally, we enjoyed country dancing with partners in a Ceilidh to the music ‘And for the young ones’. We all had such a fantastic, fun filled day!

The dance ‘And for the Young Ones’ is on YouTube so the children can show you their Ceilidh dance at home:

And For The Young Ones” (RSCDS Book 51)




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