Spread the Happiness

Hello There!

We are taking part in an exciting challenge called Spread the Happiness.


The challenge has been organised by Shonette Bason Wood who is recognised as one of the UK’s leading motivational speakers for schools and has introduced fun activities such as The Dough Disco, which our children take part in regularly.


Lots of other schools are taking part and the challenge will last all year. Each day we will have a small challenge to complete designed to Spread The Happiness. We will keep you up to date with what we are doing and hopefully you can get involved too?

It would be great if at some point this week you could visit a shop with your child and let them experience buying something with real money and take a photograph for us to see.


You can then either send the photograph in for us to talk about or if preferred send it digitally by email. We will send out a slip with the email address on where photos can be sent to.

Thank you for your continued support. Keep checking our Class Blog and notice board for more updates.

Here is a happy song for you all to enjoy listening to.

Don’t Worry Be Happy

Mrs Hall and Mrs Fortune 🙂

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