Social Media

In the past few months, school have been made aware of a number of incidents involving pupils communicating with each other via group chats and posting comments on social media sites or in response to videos posted. Incidents include:

* Children making comments on group chats or social media posts that have caused upset to other children.

* Concerns that people not known to the children have been accessing their videos and commenting on them.

* Concerns that children are accessing inappropriate material.

The majority of incidents relate to social media sites that the children are officially too young to have an account on.

Please be aware that it is the responsibility of parents to monitor and regulate what their children are accessing and doing online. 

If school are made aware of incidents, they will endeavour to inform parents and carers and, unless there is good reason to do otherwise, will consider it to be the responsibility of the parents to discuss the matter with their child and take appropriate action.

If any parents or carers are concerned about their child’s online activities and need further internet safety advice, they are more than welcome to arrange an appointment to speak to me, Grace Thomas. Appointments can be made through the school office

Thank you.

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