Snow Day Fun!


On Tuesday we took advantage of the cold, snowy weather and went outside to explore playing in the snow. We had so much fun and then enjoyed a hot chocolate to warm us up after. Mmmmm! Below are some pictures of us having fun in the snow.



We also have some great news… We have achieved our first Happiness Challenge Award.During the last half term we had to complete a series of fun, wacky challenges each day in order to achieve our award. Take a look at some of the things we have done.


We will be continuing this half term with our Spread the Happiness Award and taking part in lots of fun, happy activities. Today we listened to a funny, dance song about an imaginary character called a One Eyed, One Horned, Flying, Purple, People Eater. We then joined in with dancing along to the song. If you would like to join in the fun at home then click the link below.



We will keep you posted on further activities.

Many Thanks

Mrs Hall and Mrs Fortune 🙂 

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