Refugee Week Assembly with Anne from the Mustard Tree

This week is Refugee Week. We were very fortunate to have Anne Nelson, from the Mustard Tree charity – which has a base in the Little Hulton Precinct, deliver an assembly this morning. Anne explained what a refugee was and encouraged us to think about what it must be like to have to leave our home and all our belongings, to live in another country in order to be safe. Our children came up with some fantastic words such as ‘petrified’ and ‘isolated’. When Anne asked what refugees might need, one child replied ‘compassion’, which, I think you will agree, is a perfect word to use.

The Mustard Tree does a lot of work, not just with Refugees and Asylum Seekers, but also with people on low incomes. One of the things they do is run a ‘Food Club’ where members can pay £2 to pick up a food basket worth a great deal more. If you would like to know more about this, their website is: or you can come and speak to me, Grace Thomas



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