Nursery-Take a look at our special visitors!

Take a peek at our special visitors.

So, this week we have all be really busy. We have been learning about real-life super heroes and we’ve had an amazing opportunity to meet some!

After lots of organising, the mounted police and the police dog unit came to visit us! Firstly, we had a talk with PC Knight and his police dogs. We learnt that the police dogs  help police officers with lots of things! We also stroked the police dogs and saw some of their amazing skills…even Mrs Barker wanted a peek!

image              image

Next, we all got our wellies and coats on to meet the mounted police and their horses. The horses were called Parker and Copperfield. We stroked the horses and had a chat about how the horses help police officers at places like the football matches.

image               image

image               image

We were so lucky, PC Ryle had a special gift to give all of the children at school! She had brought adoption papers so that we could adopt Parker the police horse…we were all so ecstatic!

Next, we will be meeting even more real-life superheroes at school….firefighters!

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