Nursery Songs and Fun with Phonics!

We would like to start by saying that it was so nice to see so many parents at the Phonics Information Session that was held this afternoon. The session provided an opportunity for both the Nursery and Reception teachers to talk about how we teach Phonics and to show you some of the resources that we use. We hope that you found the session useful and the leaflets and handouts informative. If you do have any further questions at all about how you can support your child at home, then please do not hesitate to ask.

After discussion with parents this afternoon, we thought it might be useful for us to add a copy of the daily songs that we sing in Nursery and some links to other songs/ resources and websites that we use.


At St Andrew’s we follow the Letters and Sounds Phonics teaching programme.

Children in Nursery are currently working through Phase 1 Activities, which are designed to enable the children to tune in to sounds around them and develop other early listening skills. For further information about this Phase and for links to resources then please click the link below.

Letters and Sounds Phase 1

If you would like to see examples of how some Phase 1 Letters and Sounds Activities are taught, then click the link below to watch the video.

Although we mainly work through Phase 1, we also supplement this by exposing children to the sounds that letters make. Our focus is on the sounds and not the names of the letters (like in the alphabet song). We use the Jolly Phonics songs which contain the sounds and actions. Please click on the link to hear our song.

We would also recommend using PhonicsPlay. This is a website that has a selection of free resources/games to support Phonics. Some games can be accessed free or for £10 per year you can gain full access to all resources.





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