Nursery-Our Busy Week.

Nursery-Our Busy Week

We have had such a busy week this week. Firstly, we have been reading ‘The Enormous Turnip’. We used this book in literacy and numeracy.

In literacy, we had a special letter delivered from Mrs Scarecrow who lives in our gardening plot; she had given us a challenge. First of all, we had a lovely walk to see her and then we used our phonics skills on our hunt. We had to write initial sounds and CVC words from the pictures we found. Take a look at our rich learning experience….

image    image   image   Vimage


The fun didn’t stop here! We have also been measuring vegetables and using exciting words to describe them. Here are some of the words we thought of: ‘gigantic, huge, giant, tiny, teeny’. We also made our own vegetable soup…it was scrumptious!

We selected different sized vegetables, ordered them and talked about the sizes whilst we cut them up.

image image

Once we had prepared this we could all have a taste…


Additionally, in one of our maths lesson we measured ourselves by counting how many pencils tall we were and writing the number on our picture.  We then analysed the data we found…



Have a fabulous weekend.



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