Musical Books in Y2

Musical Books…

Yesterday afternoon, the children in Y2 had an enjoyable time playing a whole-class game of ‘Musical Books’, whereby the children had the opportunity to share their favourite texts with their peers. The children read their favourite book from home, but when the music started, they had to stop and leave their book on their chair, before moving onto their friend’s chair and reading their favourite story. This process was then repeated again, until the class had sampled a few minutes of each of their friend’s chosen stories.

It was a fun, yet educational way of promoting our love for reading in Y2, in order to kick start the World Book Day celebrations early. It gave each child a taste of their friend’s selected texts and hopefully they may now add some of these to their birthday/Christmas or library lists?! Each child gained a real flavour of a variety of texts- some books that they might of not ever picked up off a shelf by choice?!

Thank you so much to all the parents/carers who supported this activity and sent in their child’s favourite book.

Mrs Gomm


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