MFL day and yet another visitor…

MFL day.

This week we have all been very engaged whilst learning all about Germany. We welcomed Miss Smith in the morning by saying ‘Guten Morgen’, we have counted in German and independently created German flags. Furthermore, we have also made a German biscuit known as a ‘Lebkuchen’.

Miss Smith has also visited Berlin so we had a peek at some of her photos. She showed us pictures of the city (which included the Berlin TV tower), and also pictures of the dinosaur skeletons and fossils which she saw at the Natural History Museum. We especially loved seeing the dinosaur skeletons!

Here are a few snapshots from our MFL day…


Yet another visitor…

We have also had another visitor, but this visitor was a slithering, long snake named Simon. We all described Simon, talked about his habitat and his needs. Meeting Simon was definitely the highlight of our week….especially Miss Smith’s (she loves snakes)!

image image





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