Mayan Mysteries Revealed!

This half term, the children have started their study on the Mayans. We have been learning about how, when and who discovered the Mayan ruins in Mesoamerica all those year ago.

We have been writing newspaper reports about the Spanish conquistadors stumbling across the abandoned Mayan cities in the 1500s and have been researching what they found there.

This week, we have been looking at news reports online which reveal further findings on the Mayan civilisation in Mexico. Experts have been exploring the ancient Mayan pyramids and have found access to a tunnel which has remained hidden for over a millennia! Of course, the children are very excited to discover what else has been found underneath the Kukulkhan temple in Chichin Itza and the children are currently in the process of gathering their research from online resources.

The children will be writing and performing a news broadcast with special effects on the iPads once we are ready to report on our recent breaking news! So stay tuned… we will be uploading videos of Year 5 News Today!


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